BYU Handball Club

It's Alive!

Handball is alive and thriving at BYU. New players and those who want to try the sport are always welcome.

What is it?

Handball is an extremely fast-paced ball game (teaser, amazing rally, slo-mo short.) It's played in the same court as racquetball (racquetball is a derivative of handball, invented in the 1950's, by handballers). In handball, the ball is hit by your hands, not a racquet. And the ball is *really* fast compared to a racquetball. 

Can I play?

Please do! We welcome men and women of any age or skill level to join us. Most of our players had never played before they joined our group. Curious? Please, come give it a try. We can loan you gloves and goggles until you get hooked. We meet at court 3 in the Richards Building.
Summer 2023 schedule is noon daily.

As an incentive to get new players to give the sport a try, the handball faculty advisor has offered a $100 prize to anyone who can beat him or Rex Nielson in a match. Any number of attempts is allowed.

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